Tips to achieve the best possible Skype interview quality

Best quality Skype interview tips

Today the BBC, NPR and all major news and radio programs use Skype for interviews. It is a fast, easy and generally reliable way to record your guest. If it's done correctly Skype provides a good quality digital recording far superior to a telephone. Audio from radio shows and podcasts are today consumed largely via headphones from mobile devices. This creates a very intimate experience with the listener. With headphones you are speaking directly into the listeners ear, and on an in-depth interview show like Ideas Books the listener will develop a personal, close relationship with your voice, so the best possible audio quality is vital.

  • It’s advisable for you to be connected by an Ethernet cable to your broadband or have a strong and reliable WiFi connection.
  • Ask other people using your network not to transfer large files or use online radio or video streaming services like Spotify or YouTube while you’re on the Skype call with us.
  • Close any chat programs or any other programs that will constantly bing and make noise.
  •  And remember to Switch off your phone.